Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did somebody say snow?

Yeah yeah, "I can do everything you can do better" and all that jazz. It's days like today I really miss having a man around. Why? Because snow's been falling at about the rate of THREE INCHES PER HOUR since about 1 PM this afternoon, and my arms are so, so tired.

I've put in about three hours of solid shoveling so far this afternoon and evening, and I'm predicting another 2 or so necessary tonight so that I can actually get my car out of the driveway tomorrow morning and get to work.

Idea of the month: leaving work at 12:30 today to avoid traffic

I'm just saying. From what I hear, it's taking some people about 4 hours to get home from work. Me? I spent that same time shoveling. And working on the report that's due tomorrow...

And listen, I know the snow plows are just trying to be helpful, but do you think they could stop SNOWING IN MY DRIVEWAY? That takes a lot of work to get rid of, you know.

I also wouldn't complain if my upstairs neighbors helped with the snow removal.

I think I'm going to increase my hours-of-shoveling-remaining estimate to 3.

OK, 'nough complaining for now, I need to get back to my carbo-loading.

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