Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Foodie lit

First off, I have to stop reading this book. Kafka's Soup is a riot -- recipes written in the style of, say, Jane Austen (Tarragon Eggs) or Marcel Proust (Tiramisu) -- but I got two books out of the library on my way home today and they're both due back in a week! Unlike the Bibliophile-an-obsessive-book-reader-with-lots-of-time-on-her-hands I don't have time to while away reading books all the time. I have a real job. Oh, and a second "real" freelance job. And a husband to feed. So... I need to get onto reading these: Kabul Beauty School and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. So forgive me for setting Kafka aside, a book I found (after months of searching) at Powells, the best bookstore ever. And, I went in person. And yes, the Bibliophile is jealous. She hasn't said as much but I know these things. Here's a picture from my visit, taken from the trolley stop across the street.

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