Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things to be happy about

1. The radio station in my home town with its "All A Cappella" programming on Saturday afternoons: "Rockapella, Five O' Clock Shadow, m-pact, Ball in the House, and college groups from all over the country."

2. Violent summer rainstorms. Specifically, being outside in them.

3. Buying chickens direct from the farmer who raises them (more on that tomorrow).

4. Cherry pie.

5. The thought that I'll be getting a puppy soon. Puppies!

Any additions?


Anonymous said...

Um, the waiter from the restaurant where we had dinner last night? Hello? YUMMY!

EyreAffair said...

going to the gym on a sunday for the first time ever and realizing that 4 cars in the parking lot means you can do whatever crazy exercises you want cuz no one's around!