Sunday, July 1, 2007

While the cat's away....

the mice a lot on her blog? Apparently E and I are really into this!

Since I'm a librarian, people are constantly assuming I read a lot. I do. At and for work.

But when it comes to reading actual books, I fail people's expectations. I have a disorder I like to call Book Narcolepsy. The second I break out a book, I get cozy and want to sleep. I rarely read more than 3 pages before passing out.

This is why it meant a lot to The Bibliophile when for her bday, I offered to buy two copies of any book she wanted and we'd read them together. She chose The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million, which looked to me like the longest book ever. At 528 pages, I knew this would take FOREVER for me to read and I was right. I wouldnt let The Bibliophile even pick it up until I had 100 pages left, which was approximately 6 months after I started it. We both loved this book and highly recommend it.

Now she returned the favor for my birthday and, ever a glutton for punishment, I chose The Crimson Petal and the White. True to form, I have read 14 pages since I received it 3 weeks ago. At a whopping 894 pages, I'm not sure I'll finish it by the time it's The Bibliophile's bday again and we have to switch to her book!

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