Friday, August 17, 2007


Reasons to love the new USA show Burn Notice:
  1. It's MacGyver sans the ookie mullet.
  2. The main character's an ex-spy. I love TV shows about spies. And movies about spies. And books about spies.
  3. You get to see Miami without having to experience the pesky weather (*shudder*).
  4. Jeffrey Donovan's cute little grins really grow on you.
  5. Reminders of Gabrielle Anwar's prior career ("Sonora, you have to face reality!").
  6. All the main and recurring characters have great comedic timing.
  7. Fun improvised gadgets.
  8. It's already been renewed for a second season, so there's no reason not to get attached!
I'm sure I'm missing some reasons, but you'll hear about them as the season goes on!


Amber said...

Ok, this show looks rather interesting. And yes, I got here from your LJ because J said you were curious to meet me and of course that made me curious about you! And my goodness, we have a lot of (at least surface) interests in common =)

The Bibliophile said...

Well, welcome! And it's nice to meet you. :)