Thursday, August 23, 2007

Internet roundup

Just a few neat-o articles/websites to tickle your fancy on this Thursday night:
  1. Great/poignant comic/social commentary
  2. Extra emptiness in space
  3. Diamonds nearly as old as the earth
  4. More new creatures discovered in the ocean
And I have a new blogging idea. It has recently come to my attention that I take the stories a friend of mine tells me of her life and consistently embellish them wildly in my mind, only to regurgitate them to her later in some sort of uncrecognizable form. I'm thinking of actually writing out a biography of her life as I have remembered it (ok, and possibly with the addition of some blatant and vastly-more-conscious-embellishments) as a serial. Let me know what you guys think. I can already tell you what the first line of the biography would be, if it helps sway you in either direction:

"X was born on March 11th, the 15th child of a 15th child, already an aunt and already a grandmother."


EyreAffair said...

1 - that is an awesome first line for a book

2 - my sister is an honest-to-goodness second daughter of a second daughter of a second daughter of a second daughter, all born in the year their mothers turned 30. no lie.

e said...

yes. i would read that. even though it reminds me of my life! :) ha!