Thursday, August 9, 2007

TTTB (too tired to blog)

Had another insanely early morning at work today, so I think I'll just leave you guys with some interesting news items:
  • I blogged a little while ago about a new "species" of chimp that was found deep in the forests of the Congo. Well, it seems the scientists have had a chance to do a little more exploring (I'm only guessing it's in the same area), and look at all the exciting things they've found!
  • There's ground-breaking news from the anthropology community about our ancestry. Little known fact about the Bibliophile: I almost became an Anthropologist instead of a Chemist! Who knew?!
  • And on a sadder note, more news in line with what I blogged about yesterday on L.O.N.T.E.D.
Hopefully you'll get a more coherent post from me tomorrow. I'll leave you with what I'm reading now:

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