Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"I am the poodle," she said.

Some writers are gifted in their ability to create the most delightful fluff. It's light, it's easy, it slips down past your brain without requiring any thought. It's funny. Tonight, Maureen Johnson has proven to me that she does brain candy like no one else. If a meteor crashed through my roof and destroyed all my worldly possessions, I might find myself walking to the library to re-read her book Devilish *just* for a laugh from lines like:
  • "A cat had jumped on his back once and ridden him like a camel, digging its claws in for support."
  • "I don't normally like to collect other people's vomit, but this seemed like a good time to make an exception to that rule."
Is it Great Literature? No. Did it take less than three hours to read through? Yes. But it was oh-so entertaining, and exactly what I needed to read tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ahem. I am the poodle. Ahem.

johanna said...

AND it's got a cupcake on the cover -- what's not to love?

mmmm, cupcakes.

LibraryChristi said...

See! Told you it was delightful fluff. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it - made for an awesome Friday night date with myself. The premise alone may have me going back to re-read. Deliciously eeeevil ;)