Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another one bites the dust

As Cebu once said, "boo-hoo moo moo, boo-hoo moo moo." Gilmore Girls has officially been relegated (registration or 30 sec ad required) to my biennial DVD-watching rotation, along with Buffy and Alias. Here's hoping Veronica Mars isn't canceled this season as well....

As for what I thought of the finale? Meh, mixed bag. There were some great scenes (the entire town coming upon L&R in the square while carrying tables, and then running away; Kirk's sash; etc.) and some real eye-rollers (L's dad suddenly feels the need to tell her how exceptional she is? Now? Really? It would be sweet if it didn't feel so contrived and this-is-our-last-chance-for-a-sweet-moment-between-daughter-and-parents-use it!!!!). Without Dan and Amy running things it definitely felt like time to end the show, but I still feel sad. What did you guys think (if there are other GG watchers out there)?

And on to (hopefully) more interesting matters: I finally finished Alias Grace this evening. I've been in a serious reading funk lately. It was what, about 10 days ago that I started reading this book? Since when does it take me 10 days to finish a book? And it's not that the book wasn't good, it was. I think I'm starting to get into historical fiction more. I just get into these funks from time to time: I'll read fiendishly for a few weeks and then not really at all for a couple more.

Now, what will I read next....Any suggestions?

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