Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My book group is a little dorky

Ok, fine. It's just me.

You see, once upon a time E and I were the only two members of our book group, but then C wanted to join us. Since we can't just have members joining all willy-nilly, I took it upon myself to write down some bylaws for the book group just to, you know, keep us on track (there must be order!). My family insists this is riotously funny, if not totally absurd, and has insisted that I post them. So here they are.

Article I: Name

This collection of individuals shall be known as The Book Group.

Article II: Statement of Purpose

The Book Group will serve as an excuse for members to get together, read books and eat good food at meetings.

Article III: Membership

WHEREAS, the Book Group does contain two charter members; and
WHEREAS, the charter members may be inclined to accept applications for membership; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, all individuals applying for membership must attend one meeting as scheduled by all parties involved; and
RESOLVED, all individuals applying for membership must bring one baked good to said meeting.

Article IV: Meetings

WHEREAS, the Book Group does meet no less than once per month;
now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, the members must take turns hosting meetings.

Shouldn't all book groups have bylaws? Protect the innocent and whatnot? Although it looks like our rule that no more than every third book be considered "Young Adult" was never entered in, and can therefore be violated!* Mua ha ha ha...

*Actually, we have already violated this rule as The White Darkness is our book for May and Harry Potter is our book for June!


Brandy said...

last week rachel and i broke the rules by taking food into the library. i am SURE she now feels horribly guilty, thus making up a whole set of rules she must follow to make up for our infraction....

E said...

i can't believe you published our secret bylaws!!! is nothing sacred???

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Those are AWESOME. You go, girl! Wave that dork flag with pride!