Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today is a wonderful day.

As I think I've made clear, Buffy is one of my obsessions. Was I crushed when the show was canceled? Yes. But Joss has proven once again that he's the best, and he's created a season 8 in comic book form. They've been publishing a new issue about every month, and #4 came out today (sadly, I have to wait until AUGUST 1ST for the 5th to come out)! I heard a wonderful rumor that he's thinking about doing an Angel season 6 the same way. Now if he'd only follow suit with Firefly...

As much as I'm enjoying these comic books, I can't help but imagine what this 8th season would have been like in TV-form (one hint: AMAZING, if not insanely expensive). It causes this intense Buffy Nostalgia and is followed by Good TV Nostalgia, which I happen to be quite susceptible to right now, what with Veronica Mars being canceled. And as much as I'm loving these additional seasons, I'd also love a him to start up a new TV series, or to start making movies. There's just not enough Joss to go around!

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