Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Note on My Aversion...from B

This is B (aka Squirrel Hater). Rachel thought that since people seemed interested in this discussion, I should be a guest blogger. It is odd that people are intrigued by my aversion. It is odder to me that people don't immediately understand. How am I the only person here that detests these little spawns with their beady eyes and twitchy tail?

Truth be told, I am not an animal lover. That said, cats' tails do not bother me in the least (in response to Mr Book's question). Cats' tails do not twitch and have a life of their own. A cat's tail is clearly part of its body. A squirrel's tail seems to take on an other-worldly presence that just reeks of evil.

My problem has become that the more I discuss my deep hatred for these creatures, the more people determine that any time they hear about squirrels in the news, they notify me. When they see a (frankly horrifying) video about a squirrel, they send me the link. And worst yet, when they see squirrel toys, they immediately purchase them for me.

Why is it that the more I discuss my hatred, the more I have to hear about them?

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LibraryChristi said...

It's all about association (at least for me). Because I know you detest squirrels, every time I see one I think, "oh, B hates squirrels." The same happens when I know someone really likes something (again, now when I see card-making supplies I think of you.) I have another friend who hates spinach. I think of her every time I eat it.

That, and your reaction is so darn funny. If I want to see the reaction again, I must supply squirrels. It's that simple.