Friday, June 29, 2007

T minus 15 hours


That's the sound of me slowly starting to unwind. Up until about an hour ago I was not so relaxed. But I got home from work, looked over my set of lists (yes, that's right, I have about five), and realized that Book and I are actually closer to being ready to go than I realized. I guess he was right! B has taken to sending me adorable pictures of baby animals every time I send her an email where the subject and body are both "AHHHHHHH!" And I immediately relax and say, "ooh! A baby panda!" or, "ooh! A kitty!" Excellent job on Friend Management, B.

Am I always this strung out before a vacation? Well, not usually *this* strung out, but yes. The big problem in this case is that we'll be gone for TWO WEEKS. And we'll be driving all around and what if there's no food? You know, like, anywhere? I mean, it could happen, right? And what if I don't have enough warm clothing? Or enough cool clothing? What if I run out of books? Or have way too many? (ha ha ha ha ha) What if I forget something Really Important? AHHHH!!

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Ok, I feel better now. The good news is that clearly I'm in a Good Place Trip-Wise, or I certainly wouldn't be sitting here blogging. I'd be packing or cleaning or pulling my hair out.

Interesting note: I'm bringing about 8 GB worth of memory cards on this trip. Will it be enough? No, seriously?

In any case, I've lined up two friends of mine to keep y'all entertained while I'm gone: B and E. I think you'll find them as wildly entertaining as I do. Hopefully I'll have a chance to post at least once while I'm gone, but if not, expect a TON of pictures when I return.

UPDATE: I just realized I almost forgot to pack PJs. What else am I forgetting??

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