Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tater Tot

I just spent the absolute most enjoyable evening with my favorite two year old, shown here on the left (well, two and a half, but who's counting?). He has such a great, fun-loving personality! And never has anyone thought I was such a riot. We spent a good two hours jumping off couches, being thrown onto couches, being tossed onto a pile of pillows, and all sorts of other activities most kids would probably cry over. But not this Tot! He was laughing hysterically the whole time and asking for more. "Bibliophile, push!" "Bibliophile, jump!" (indicating that he would be jumping and that I should catch him) "Bibliophile, run!" We ended the night snuggling on the couch watching what he calls "Mouse!" (Flushed Away). A perfect end to a perfect night!

Among the fun things I've taught him to say to date:
  • Peace out! (including hand gestures)
  • Blue screen of death
  • I'm a freak! (this after he was dunking his spaghetti into his water so that the "worms" could "swim") followed just after by, I'm a freak without warning!
  • Cute slug! (ah, a kid after my own heart: he thinks slugs are cute too! Well, at least he'll say what I tell him to)
  • I love Hugh Jackman! (can you tell I got him to say these last two during the movie?)
  • I'm the best toy!
No, no, I don't have way too much fun playing with him.

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