Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Job envy

I'm clearly in the wrong line of work. I've been reading my favorite authors' blogs over the past week, and they've all be gushing about this thing called Book Expo America. Apparently it's just about heaven for people like me: there are loads of great authors roaming around and all the publishers are giving away free books. Free books! As many free books as you can carry!

Why why why am I not in publishing? Why am I not a bookseller? Or a writer? Or a librarian? Why?

To all of my various librarian friends: TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT YEAR! I'll be your valet! Just, please!! Incidentally, the next BEA is May 30 - June 1, 2008. See? Lots of time to decide you want to go and that I should come along! (Incidentally, I hear the American Library Association conferences are pretty similar...I'd go along to that as well!)

In related news, The Bibliophile just hit record highs on the grovel-o-meter. Forecast for tomorrow: grovel levels easing off as we approach the weekend.

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