Monday, June 4, 2007

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo

We've reached a new low with the upstairs neighbor situation: their music is so loud, I can now hear all of the vocals and not just the deep and rumbly bass. That's right, I can hear everything. I figure I have a few options on how to deal with his new development.
  • Bang on the ceiling of my living room with a broom or mop handle. Pros: I certainly think I'd make my point, plus there's something classic about a downstairs neighbor conveying displeasure in this way. Cons: My landlords would kill me if the handle went through the ceiling, and there's something distinctly 90-year-old-lady-ish about this option. I am no old lady! Option one seems to be out.
  • Write a sweet letter asking the neighbors to "keep their music down." Pros: I *hate* conflict, so this has the benefit of my not having to look my neighbors in the eye when I tell them they're bugging me. Cons: Talk about your cop-out! What am I, a mice or man? Or neither? No, option two doesn't seem to do it for me either.
  • Suck it up because it isn't even 10 PM yet. Pros: This option is quite attractive to me as a fundamentally lazy person. Cons: Did I ever mention just how bad my neighbors' taste in music seems to be? I'm not quite sure I can do it justice here. It's a lot to ask for me to sit and listen to this stuff, and it's so loud it's hard to concentrate on much else. Plus, there's nothing quite so annoying as complaining endlessly about something you're not willing to do much about. Hmmm. This option's a toss-up.
  • Move. Pros: Actually, this will ultimately be my solution. Once Mr. Book's home renovation is complete, I'll be moving in! Cons: It doesn't look like this will happen until at least the winter. But keep your fingers crossed!
What I've finished reading despite the hubub:

And I've found it to be just as entertaining as The Eyre Affair. What I'll be reading next? I haven't quite decided yet...

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