Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun with food

As expensive as Williams-Sonoma is, I have to say they sell the absolute coolest stuff. Where else could you buy a cake pan that does this:

This is way cooler than their train or snowman cake pans. Fun!!

Another cute item that they (apparently) sell is this cheese pantry.

What do we think, people, useful or useless? I'm leaning towards the latter due to its status in the 50% off bin alone, but it sure is a cute idea. How nice would it be to have a few cheeses stored out of the fridge where I can happily view them at any time? Where they're free from the prying mouths of insects and (hopefully) mice. Where I can gaze lovingly at them, nibble almost constantly. Slowly gaining weight until I can't fit through the doorway out of the kitchen...Ok, so maybe this wouldn't be such a good idea for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Williams-Sonoma really does have cool stuff. Though I think the cheese pantry should be renamed the "stinky cheese pantry". I guess the disadvantage would be that the stench from those rotten cheeses would be in the entire kitchen and not just the refrigerator. No wonder it's in the 50% off bin. Probably had a lot of returns after the thing was used one time.

Mr. Book

LibraryChristi said...

You're in my head! I posted about the cake pan today, too :)